Our methods for success

While respecting the formal programs, we need to customize our education taking into account the needs, capacities and aspirations of students. Accordingly, particularly suitable complementary structures have been developed:

  • Limited staff to classes and studied allow better knowledge and better tracking of students.
  • A mock exam per quarter in all disciplines
  • In English: the traditional sections also benefit from additional 2H course. Bilingual sections are prepared for Cambridge exams.
  • Very teachers available to support students.
  • Weekly written tests made under supervision enable continuous review and provide an efficient work support.
  • Guided Notes provide a regular monthly: direction – student – family.
  • Directed work illustrate and supplement traditional courses.
  • A comprehensive scheme of work (schedule, pace of homework, lessons …) allows families to easily track their children’s schooling.
  • In case of difficulty, a student responsible for contract naturally creates as quickly solve the problem.
  • Attendance is routinely monitored, any unjustified absence is reported to the family and should be subject to a signed and dated receipt.
  • Studies conducted with faculty who advise and verify the student’s personal work.
  • The Internet tool is available to students in the computer room.
  • Conferences and educational outings allow to go beyond the strict school.
  • Personalized guidance is suggested.
  • The air-conditioned rooms.

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