Pedagogical adaptation

DYSLEXIA – adapted teaching is ESSENTIAL

Difficulties in learning to write are a real handicap, for a long time these difficulties were unknown or untreated. For a dyslexic pupil adapted teaching methods are essential so that school does not become a nightmare. Our school has chosen to respond to this specific need by integrating these pupils with others and not by isolating them.

Preparation for adapted teaching

This first stage is the understanding and the acceptance by the staff and the pupils.

The pupil in question accepts that we talk about his/her problems. It is necessary to explain to him/her that we know that he/she has a particular difficulty, which he/she is not responsible for, it does not disqualify, exclude him/her nor does it mean failure.

We will talk about the differences encountered when learning. We can demonstrate these differences by asking children to explain what they think when they see a word or a question. They will notice that they do not all see or understand the same thing nor do they reason in the same way.

The work can continue in art or sports class. We can show that dyslexic pupils do not necessarily struggle in these classes.

Once we have passed this stage we can explain that some pupils will need extra help because reading is more difficult for them. This develops solidarity and respect between the children.

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