The school goals

  • The success of the student in his studies
  • The search for his personal balance to ensure their best professional and human future in an international environment changing.

We intend to make every effort to enable our students to become balanced adults, and able by their training and knowledge, to find the best place in the current world.

It is absolutely necessary to work in harmony with parents. In addition, our constant concern is to follow the evolution of our society in order to facilitate the adaptation and the transition from school life to professional life.

Our students need to realize that the time for study is not part of a world apart, but it represents an essential basis for the construction of their personality and an important element in their integration into society. In this future perspective, we have multiple missions whose ambition is certainly demanding, but extremely rewarding.

Frame our young students to make them aware of their responsibilities. Their academic future is indeed linked to I’acquisition and development of working methods where their will and autonomy must constantly assert.

Knowing children and students we charge, create a trust relationship in order to individually organize, direct their work in an atmosphere of mutual understanding.

Provide an opportunity for our students to look to the future: preparing for Cambridge exams.

  • Primary: For bilingual children, 6 to 12 years
  • College: For French-speaking children learn to speak, read and write fluently in English after three years of study and succeed in the same timeframe Patent Colleges and Cambridge exam: PET.
  • High School: For French-language students prepare the same time the early French test or General Baccalaureate degree and pass the Cambridge FCE and CPE.

These different levels of exams are now essential to succeed in a changing world and in a variety of areas: trade, industry, administration, journalism, art, new technologies …




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