Benoit Fortunato: Thank you to all the teachers who supported me in my sports career. With the help of the teachers, when I had competitions I had a specially adapted timetable therefore I knew that I would be able to catch up my lessons. I am French champion and vice world champion in team and individual competitions. A special hello to the headteacher, with who I am still in touch and who has always been interested in my career.[/quote]

Eddy Lamy: Hello, I “lived” at VSA for 3 years between 1995 and 1998. Yes, I can say that I lived there because this school is like a second family. Madame Guinde was there for me in good as well as difficult times, she was always available to listen to us. We can’t compare this school to another because it is unique by its geographical situation and its infrastructure. I think that this school is the most convivial as here we are not just names amongst many others, we are first names, faces, people. About my studies: I was in the scientific section. After these three years I enlisted in the Air Force, and then I went to live in Quebec, with my wife and two children. I am now a professional helicopter pilot.[/quote]

Marie Voirin: I spent some excellent years at VSA and I thank the teaching staff who accompanied me in my efforts and encouraged me in my work. This helped me to “grow up” and do the job that I like whilst having a good academic level. Kisses to all the teachers and the Headteacher.[/quote]

Guillaume Kempf: Thank you for the three years I spent at VSA. Today I am studying in the air-conditioning sector. My “extra fantastic” teachers gave me all their help and showed patience. Thanks to the Headteacher. Big kisses to all.[/quote]

James Howard: I found VSA’s International Section’s strongest attribute to be the small size of its small, which guaranteed an excellent ratio of teaching staff to pupils. Even now, a few years on, I still think back fondly to my 4 hour Shakespeare sessions with Mr Azzoulet, to History and French with Mr and Mrs Walker, and to the exciting Geography field-trips on the Sainte Victoire Mountain with Mrs Benson-Hall. And, with my Cambridge International A-Levels in the bag it was time to move from Val Saint André to pursue a Masters degree at the University of St Andrews![/quote]

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